Welcome to Senior Dog Club!

We are a boutique rehoming service for senior dogs, and offer an
online resource and network to support humans who have senior dogs.

If you can no longer offer your senior dog a home, we can help.  SDC offers a community network of approved senior dogs carers who can offer your dog a loving home to retire in.  Our Dog Carers provide a loving and comfortable home for senior dogs, providing unconditional love and care.  We’ll make sure your dog has a loving companion (with your approval)  and give you peace of mind knowing that your dog will be taken care of for the rest of its’ life.

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Do you know, or have a senior dog who needs to be rehomed?

Unforeseen circumstances happen to our family and friends all the time. Life changes, often leave senior dogs without human parents.
Senior Dog Club is the perfect option for humans to have peace of mind, when their senior dog needs to be rehomed.


Want to provide a loving home for a senior dog?

We are always looking for loving & responsible humans, who wish to provide a wonderful home for a senior dog to retire.
If you are interested in becoming a Senior Dog Club Carer, please complete and email this

Sponsor a Senior Dog

Become a guardian angel to a special senior dog, who doesn't have a human to pay their dogs life costs.


Donate to the senior dog club?

If you love senior dogs and can contribute to the Senior Dog Club, we greatly appreciate all donations. This enables us to continue helping senior dogs in all different capacities.

'Love Your Senior' Wellness Pack

This superfood power pack for senior dogs, contains all kiwi made products, which naturally aid and support the suffering of joint mobility, arthritis, anxiety, skin issues, stress....
Kiera (shown in the picture) has been taking these products for 1 year and is full of vitality and bossiness for a 13 year old!

The Senior Dog Club Story

Kim has been a dog walker since 2017.
Max, a Jack Russell, walked in her first pack, 5 days a week.
Kim fell in love with Max instantly, he was exactly like an old family dog.
When Max was 17, his humans decided they didn't want to care for him in his senior years.
They would rather pay an experienced dog carer to care for him until the end.
Kim really felt for Max, she loved him dearly.
So she came up with the idea of the Senior Dog Club, where Max was the very first client.
Max lived a healthy happy life until he was 18.5 years.
All dogs deserve to live their best lives, especially in their senior years!