Senior Dog Club Is Looking For A Loving Home For Flex & Lola To Retire

Lola and Flex are best of friends from the same family (based in Auckland) Lola is a 10 year old Blue English Staffy and Flex is a 12 year old English Staffy. Ideally these 2 lovely dogs will go to the same home, but if you are interested in one of them please let us know.

More about Lola
Lola is a sweet little girl 16kg, she may be 10 but she has the energy of a 3 year old.
Lola loves life, is very affectionate, and loves hanging with her humans. She likes a pat from everyone!
Lola is dog friendly and social (loves big dogs) but hasn’t been socialised with cats. She loves going for walks and socialising. She is strong on the lead, so needs to be checked while walking. She is great off-lead, has great recall and will play and exercise for as long as possible. Lola loves walking her human brother to school.
Lola is anxious around fireworks and thunder, reassuring cuddles by her human will comfort her.
Lola loves balls and toys. She has good obedience and knows the usual commands.
Lola is currently on a raw diet which she thrives on, and has great health.

More about Flex
21kg Flex is a lovely older gentleman, who enjoys a more quieter life than his friend Lola. He does suffer from arthritis which means his walks and play time is now limited. He is currently trialling an anti-inflammatory for his arthritis. He dislikes his front paws being touched.
He thrives on a raw food, and will need to stick to this diet to prevent previous skin allergies.
Flex sleeps most of the day. He is still energetic at heart and in very good health, but his arthritis stops him from doing a lot. He loves pats and cuddles, and likes collecting shoes….he doesn’t chew them, just sleeps with them for comfort. Flex loves going to the beach!
Flex is great on and off lead, and will stick close to his humans. He can be a bit reactive on lead if he’s not comfortable with a dog he meets, he is easily managed. Flex knows how to sit, shake, walk by side and stop. He was trained by Bark Busters

Both Lola and Flex don’t require any professional grooming, just a bath at home is fine. They are used to sleeping and living outside.

To find out more about Lola and Flex please email

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