Vidafy Turmeric Golden Drops for Humans & Pets

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric (or curcuma longa) originates in India, and it’s been documented for over 4,500 years in gastronomy, and for over 2,500 years as a homeopathic herb. ​In India, turmeric is known as jayanti, which means “one who is victorious over diseases.” Thanks to its many wellness benefits, turmeric is considered a sacred plant, and is a symbol of prosperity and purity.

Loki -has had a lump/ perhaps cyst between his shoulder blades for a month, Ive been using golden drops for a week now, the lump has gone down by half, no mess, with a few drops in his food, love the easiness of using these wonderful drops.
Today. 1 week between the fotos
I give her 5 drops now. Start on 3. I w ill stay there for some weeks.
She improve so fast.
She also get vitamin/Minerals
And antibiotika for her Anamasplosa
But her skin is healing from day to day.
We love the golden drops❤️

Healthy Intestinal Function
Turmeric is known to support proper intestinal function and may address discomfort.

Proper Cognitive Function
Curcumin combined with vitamin D has been shown to support cognitive function, particularly as the body ages.

Normal Liver Function
Healthy liver function is key to overall wellness, and curcumin has been shown in studies to support proper liver function.



Nanofy $90 per bottle
Curcuma Plus $100 per bottle


The Benefits of Curcumin Plus with BioMS™ Technology


BioMS technology has been researched and patented by scientists in Germany, and it’s one of the key differentiators in VIDAFY products.

Our partner laboratory in Germany utilizes patented biotechnology with all-natural ingredients to provide the best wellness solutions on the market today.

  • International application: PCT/EP20 13/001427
  • Utility model protection, Germany: 20 2012 012 130.8
  • International proprietary emulsifier system: EP 10785 350

Just 10 Drops

10 drops of Curcumin Plus with BioMS technology is equivalent to 8-10kg of native turmeric (root), 32 capsules of curcumin (80% extract), or 1,600g of turmeric powder.

Optimal Solubility
BioMS technology helps VIDAFY’s curcumin become more bioavailable—that is, ready to be utilized throughout the body’s systems.

Sustain Overall Wellness
The wellness benefits of curcumin from the turmeric root are accessible thanks to patented BioMS Technology.