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Pack walks for dogs

Introducing Auntie Kim!

Kim Gruebner a.k.a "Auntie Kim" is an experienced pack leader in Auckland, NZ. She is passionate about animal welfare, and educating humans on how to give their pets a calm, balanced life.

Auntie Kim has been active as a dog walker for 7 years, and is an experienced and well-respected member of the community. She genuinely loves being surrounded by dogs enjoying the great outdoors.

Kim studied the certificate in Vet Nursing and is continuously upskilling and learning in the areas of welfare, dog psychology, training, nutrition, health and ageing for dogs and cats.

As well as pack walking for dogs, Auntie Kim is the creator of Dear Humans & Senior Dog Club with a special interest in the care of ageing dogs in NZ.

Auckland Dog Walking with "Auntie Kim" Gruebner

"Auntie Kim"

Experienced Auckland dog walker

All dogs need an Auntie to hang out with
while you are at work!

Auckland Dog Walking

Home Stays for Dogs

Auntie Kim welcomes CAT FRIENDLY dogs into her home for short & long term stays.

Homestays with Auntie Kim are full of love, cuddles, warm beds in the lounge, and a pack walk everyday.

If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, a cosy one can be provided.

The cost is $80 per 24hrs including a pack walk. For stays more than 2 weeks, a lower rate may be considered.

Please complete the contact form and Kim will call you to chat about your dog.

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Auckland dog walking

Every Monday to Friday morning and lunchtime, we pick up a friendly, social, mixed group of dogs to walk. Dogs of all ages, abilities and requirements.

We head off to a dog friendly environment, which could be a beach, forest, track or park, and together we play, walk, socialise, swim, dig holes, and be dogs!!

Your dog will be away from home for approx 2-3 hours, and they are fully supervised throughout.

Please note: Due to the nature of this work, we have limited places and it is important that we choose dogs that will work well with the group. If you would like to be considered, the first action is to make a time for us to meet your dog!

Humans say...

“I couldn’t live my life and have such happy dogs if it wasn’t for the support Kim gives me.

Her care and concern for them goes well beyond the time they are out dog walking with her and they adore her.

Highly recommended!”

- Melanie Rakena

"Kim's care is completely dog-centered. She caters for each dog's individual needs - and has vet nursing experience."

- Anita Simpson from Wolf Walks

"Kim is a true animal lover. Any dogs staying with her will be loved and well cared for as part of her family."

- Sharyn Van Aalst

"Kim is the best dog carer and dog walker I have ever known. She has been caring for my 14 year old dog for many months now, both my dog and I couldn't be happier.

She has an exceptional way with all animals and I highly recommend her."

- Dr. Kelvin Baker

Goldie's Story

“We found Goldie, a Scottish Terrier with a wheaten coat (very rare!) on TradeMe. I fell in love immediately. We Skyped her owners and arranged to fly her up from Christchurch to Auckland in lockdown. While we bonded instantly and were besotted with our golden girl, we had been warned that she needed training.

While she was very loved, she had been kept in a dog run all day with two other dogs but not socialised outside of the home and hadn’t been taken on walks. She was really reactive with other dogs (big, small, puppies), had separation anxiety, and very poor recall. Scottie’s are stubborn and strong-willed, so we knew it would be a challenge.

By a stroke of luck, we met Kim while out walking Goldie and started chatting and saw her in action with a group of dogs, including a few rescues.

Auckland Pack Walks for Dogs

Kim said she’d be happy to try Goldie out for some walks and we signed her up! It’s incredible to see the change in her almost a year later. Her time with Kim and Darian has tremendously improved her confidence, she loves playing and meeting her dogs (especially a good chase!), and her recall is much better too. She now loves our local dog park when she used to be scared of it, and we are much more relaxed taking her out knowing she’s much more happy and confident, and less reactive!

We can’t thank Kim and Darian enough for their hard work, the joy they bring Goldie every week, and for helping us socialise and train her.”

- Lady Goldie

Auckland Dog Walking FAQ

The cost for dog walking / pack walks for dogs with Auntie Kim depend on the number of walks and the number of dogs.
1 walk per week $45
2 walks or more, per week: $40 a walk

Auckland Dog Walking

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