Senior Dog Club Is Looking For A Loving Home For Leo To Retire

By Kim Gruebner | March 2, 2024

Leo is a delightful 4 year old Maltese/Bichon. (Based in Auckland)He is very small in size. Leo is a healthy boy who suffers from separation anxiety when left home alone. Leo needs a home where his humans will be home most of the day. This would suit a retired couple or someone who works at … Read more

Senior Dog Club Is Looking For A Loving Home For Stella To Retire

By Kim Gruebner | February 26, 2024

Stella is a 7 year, 7 mth old Shepherd cross (large) currently located in Auckland.She is an active, social, excitable girl who requires at least an hour a day exercise. Stella is a very loyal dog.Stella is great with kids, she is very excitable around cats.She is best playing with younger dogs, who she is … Read more

Game & Scout are looking for a home to retire – preferably together

By Kim Gruebner | January 4, 2024

Game is a female staffy cross (8 years) and Scout is a male blue healer cross (7 years)These 2 have been outside dogs their whole life. They have not been walked or socialised, so they are dog aggressive due to lack of leadership. They are also not good with cats or any other animals, just … Read more

Pepsi is looking for a loving home to retire

By Kim Gruebner | December 7, 2023

Sweet girl Pepsi is a 17 year old Bichon Frise Cross. Her elderly Dad has moved into a rest home and would love Pepsi to move to a loving home to retire.Pepsi has Cushings disease, which is quite common in elderly dogs. She has regular medication for this. Her Dad is happy to help pay … Read more

Senior Dog Club is looking for a loving home for Figgy to retire

By Kim Gruebner | September 10, 2023

Figgy is a 7 year old Leonberger, described by her owners as a ’50 kilo sweet loving teddy bear’ She does suffer arthritis in both hips and some anxiety, which can be managed with leadership and comfort. Apart from this Figgy is a healthy girl.She requires a groom every 10-12 weeks. Figgy’s groomer states ‘she’s … Read more

Juno 14yrs

By Kim Gruebner | June 11, 2023

Juno is a Papillon-Pomeraniam cross.A happy, healthy little lady who’s looking for a loving home to retire.Juno is not a huge fan of other dogs (even though she lives with 2) or cats. She is shy at first with humans, but once she trusts you is super friendly. She is a little apprehensive at first … Read more

From the Country to the Coromandel!

By Kim Gruebner | May 9, 2023

Senior Dog Club is very excited to announce…. Molly has found herself a fabulous beach house with a fabulous new Mum, where she gets to retire and be treated like a queen! Long walks on the beach, skipping in the waves, swimming in the calm, daily meetings with the neighbours dog through the fence, lying … Read more

Dr Karen Becker – The Forever Dog (New York Times Bestseller)

By Kim Gruebner | April 12, 2023

I am a huge fan of Dr Karen Becker who is an integrated vet.Integrative Veterinary Medicine is a broad discipline that includes and combines several different aspects of whole-pet care. Techniques blend western medicine with holistic approaches to treatment, and can include spinal manipulation, acupuncture, Chinese & western herbs, physio and rehabilitation, and nutrition. Dr … Read more

Gorgeous Bella Joins The Senior Dog Club

By Kim Gruebner | December 5, 2022

Bellas family were concerned about Bella (nearly 10), living with her human in their retirement village apartment.They had read the Senior Dog Club article in “Stuff”, and decided it would be a good service and time for Bella to find a new family. I met with Bella and her family, we chatted about Bella’s best … Read more

Senior Dog Club Announces Their First Club Member.

By Kim Gruebner | December 4, 2022

Welcome Monty! The Senior Dog Club was contacted by Monty’s family in Autumn 22. Unfortunately his elderly human was no longer able to look after Monty after moving into a rest home. Monty was required to leave his current living situation asap.The same day Monty was rehomed to a Senior Dog Club Carer, where he … Read more