Game & Scout are looking for a home to retire – preferably together

Game is a female staffy cross (8 years) and Scout is a male blue healer cross (7 years)
These 2 have been outside dogs their whole life. They have not been walked or socialised, so they are dog aggressive due to lack of leadership. They are also not good with cats or any other animals, just humans. (Not tested with children)
Game has eye issues which have not been addressed due to lack of funds for the vet. No medication has been prescribed.
A medical history can be provided from the current vet but it may not be thorough, due to lack of regular checks ups.
Scout doesn’t have any current medical issues that we know about, he is known to bark more than Game.
Game has had 2 litters in the past. Both dogs are now desexed, registered and microchipped.
Both suffer lethargy from not being exercised. They both live on supermarket kibble, or human scraps when given.
Both can walk on lead, they are better when walked individually.
These 2 will suit a fenced lifestyle block where they can self exercise and not bother any other animals.
They need a confident leader who can show them some life skills, both will thrive when they understand rules, boundaries and have regular exercise. They only know basic commands.

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