From the Country to the Coromandel!

Senior Dog Club is very excited to announce….

Molly has found herself a fabulous beach house with a fabulous new Mum, where she gets to retire and be treated like a queen!

Long walks on the beach, skipping in the waves, swimming in the calm, daily meetings with the neighbours dog through the fence, lying in the sun in the garden….this is Molly’s new life! Wishing her happy days, lots of love and sun!

Molly’s new mum was one of the first applicants to adopt a senior dog, through the Senior Dog Club in 2022.
When we were asked to rehome Molly, I knew it would be a perfect match. She was thrilled to receive the invitation to welcome Molly into her home & heart.

If you would like to adopt a senior a dog through us, please apply here
If you would like us to rehome your senior dog, please apply here

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