Senior Dog Club

Ensure life-long companionship, love and care for your beloved dog.

Your dog deserves love & care
for their entire life

Your dog deserves love & care for their entire life

But what if you are no longer capable of caring for your beloved fur baby?

  • Is your dog likely to outlive you?
  • Are you moving to assisted care?
  • Have your dog’s medical or health needs become more than you can manage?

Introducing Senior Dog Club

As a dog lover, I understand just how heartbreaking these situations can be. So I created Senior Dog Club, for dog lovers who want the best for their beloved pet, when they can no longer care for them.

The goal is to offer loving forever homes with vetted new owners, so your dog can live out their natural life with the same level of love, care, and companionship that you have always provided them with.

While I do my best to provide forever homes, please understand that I can't always guarantee a placement. Rest assured, I will do my best!

To learn more about the process please scroll down to the FAQ's. Any further questions please email

Ways You Can Support Senior Dog Club

Adopt A Senior Dog

Do you have experience with dogs?
Do you have room in your home and heart for a senior dog? Are you committed to caring for a dog for the rest of its life?

If you answered yes, start the vetting process!

Please note: we have received several application forms to adopt so we currently have quite a waiting list. If you have any questions please email

Support Senior Dog Club

Please help us reach our goals!
Financial and in-kind support is crucial to our success. You can sponsor an individual dog, or contribute to the overall project.

Thank you!

Is Senior Dog Club right for you?

Make plans for the long term welfare of your dog.

Let's discuss the unique needs of your dog, and how we can give you peace of mind for their wellbeing and happiness.

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