Senior Dog Club Is Looking For A Loving Home For Stella To Retire

Stella is a 7 year, 7 mth old Shepherd cross (large) currently located in Auckland.
She is an active, social, excitable girl who requires at least an hour a day exercise. Stella is a very loyal dog.
Stella is great with kids, she is very excitable around cats.
She is best playing with younger dogs, who she is very social and enthusiastic with. She is great off lead and has great recall.
She will be dominant over other dogs she lives with. She does pull on the lead in excitement until she burns off some energy.
Stella loves fetch, toys, and water balloons. She’s great with commands and can also open doors, so is super smart and trainable.
Stella is a very healthy girl. She had a non cancerous lump removed a while back, but she has a great medical history and good clean teeth. With regards to grooming, she will require a brush once or twice a week.
Please email if you would like to know more about Stella.

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