Dog owners, are you qualified to use a bark/shock collar on your dog?

By Kim Gruebner | February 20, 2021

These are commonly used by dog owners for various reasons. Excessive barking, jumping, running away or chasing a smaller animal, basically any unwanted behavior. The action of using any type of collar to improve unwanted behaviors, has always been under dispute whether it is negative or positive reinforcement. Dog owners, please read these important articles. … Read more

On Lead, Dog Politics

By Kim Gruebner | December 22, 2020

When our dog’s on a lead, politics will always occur when meeting other dogs. Why? When your dog’s on a lead, he is technically not free to fight or flight, which makes him vulnerable when meeting other dogs (whether they are on or off lead).Dogs have a specific “dance” or ritual they undertake when meeting … Read more

Black Faced Dogs: Tips for Communicating Correctly

By Kim Gruebner | July 27, 2020

The face is a very expressive part of the body, both human and dog. Have you ever noticed that your dog has reacted adversely to black faced dogs? The face, the tail, and body posture are how dogs mostly read each other when on approach. Unfortunately, black faced dogs, or those wearing a muzzle or … Read more

Conversations at the dog park

By Kim Gruebner | July 25, 2020

Being a dog walker and pet educator, I spend a lot of my day in dog parks walking and talking with dog owners. Every dog provides a new conversation. Its my passion to observe as many dogs as possible, and listen to their owners conversations about what does and doesn’t work for their dog. Whether … Read more