Senior Dog Club Announces Their First Club Member.

Welcome Monty!

The Senior Dog Club was contacted by Monty’s family in Autumn 22. Unfortunately his elderly human was no longer able to look after Monty after moving into a rest home. Monty was required to leave his current living situation asap.
The same day Monty was rehomed to a Senior Dog Club Carer, where he met his new little K9 sister, Luna. Monty was introduced to a whole new life, and have a family who adore him.
Over the past couple of months, Monty has been through a full medical, a full dental, a groom and has lost around 6 kilos on his new healthy diet.
Monty loves his new parents, his little sister Luna, he loves waiting for his lead before a walk, he loves sitting in the long grass at his local park – looking like the curly cattle from wales, and he loves his new waistline.

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Monty before and after his groom, and making new friends at the park

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