Gorgeous Bella Joins The Senior Dog Club

Bellas family were concerned about Bella (nearly 10), living with her human in their retirement village apartment.
They had read the Senior Dog Club article in “Stuff”, and decided it would be a good service and time for Bella to find a new family.

I met with Bella and her family, we chatted about Bella’s best options and decided the best the way forward. Bella attended a senior examination at her vet, including a full blood screen. She also had a very special groom at “Puppy Paradise” in Massey. Please watch the adorable video on Facebook.

Last week I drove Bella south, towards Taumarunui to meet her new Human and K9 Sister Lizzie.
It was such a great match! Bella had jumped into her car within 2 mins of meeting, as though they had always been together.
Within an hour of arriving at her new house, Bella was bathing in the sun on her deck with Lizzie, she had explored her quarter acre country garden, ate homemade dehydrated chicken, and sussed out the bed and the couch!
She is now part of Lizzies walking group, they meet (with their humans) every Saturday morning, where they explore new places, and play brain games as a group. So Bella is really living her best life in the country! Bella is a very confident, sassy lady, which made the transition between family’s very smooth. Bella was very excited for a new journey, and her previous family are assured they have done the right thing by Bella. The pictures say it all!

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous Bella Joins The Senior Dog Club”

  1. Louie and I are part of the walking group on Saturdays. It was lovely to meet Bella and she is almost identical to my Louie. We loved having her in our group along with her sister Lizzie a Griffin.

  2. Thank you Kim for being so patient with the rehoming of Bella. I can’t speak highly enough of your service. I feel confident Bella is in a better environment and thriving. I would recommend this service to anyone in our predicament of needing to rehome a K9 when their elderly owner can no longer look after them. Thanks Nadine


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