Groom Your Cat

How and Why You Need to Groom Your Cat

By nature, cats are extremely fastidious. You’ve no doubt watched your kitty washing herself several times a day. For the most part she can take care of herself very well, thank you, but sometimes she’ll need a little help from you.

A Guide to Grooming Your Cat

To keep your cat happy, healthy and clean it is essential to properly groom your cat. By reading this section you will learn how and when to groom your cat and also what equipment to use. You will learn how to brush your cat, bath your cat, how to clean your cats ears and how to look after your cats teeth.

Cat Grooming

Your feline will look (and feel!) like the cat’s meow after a good grooming session.

Top 5: Tips to Help Groom Your Cat

Cats are well known for their abilities to self-groom, but this doesn't mean your feline friend won't need a hand from time to time. A well-groomed cat is a happy cat (not to mention a cat with less risk of bad health and illness), plus grooming can often be an opportunity to bond with your pet.