Dog Clubs

Dog Clubs: How and Why Dog Owners Should Sign Up

Whether you're a breeder, or your dog needs more training or social interaction, dog clubs offer multiple benefits —
for both you and your dog.

The Benefits of Joining a Dog Club

Do you want to get to know other dog lovers? Does your dog need a fun and healthy outlet for socialization and exercise? Do you need those things too? If you love dogs, joining a local dog club could benefit both you and your four-legged friend.

Dogs New Zealand: List of All Dog Clubs in NZ

Becoming a member of your local dog club is a great way to learn with your dog. Dog clubs host a number of group behaviour training classes to suit all levels and ages. You can attend group obedience classes at your local dog club that are usually run per term and are very reasonably priced.

Why You Should Take Your Dog to a Group Training Class

We all know that attending dog training classes bring numerous benefits. Keeping our dogs under control not only helps to prevent them from becoming involved in hazardous or dangerous situations, but it also strengthens the bond between owner and pet.