Dog Teeth Cleaning: Tips and Advice for Better Oral Health

Dog teeth cleaning needs to be maintained at home for optimum oral health and hygiene in between their regular dental check-ups at the vet.

Dog teeth cleaning is as important for them as it is for humans. When I owned my first dog, I didn't even think about the importance of brushing her teeth. It didn't occur to me that their mouths are the same as humans and that they suffer from the same infections and diseases. Now I realise they require the same brushing, attention and care as human mouths do.
Taking your dog to the vet for dental procedures is very expensive. Brushing your dog's teeth regularly can help keep these bills down, and help prevent your dog from suffering any periodontal diseases.

Dog Dental Care: How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Your dog’s dental health is just as important as your own and should be one of the things you take care of on a daily basis, especially since it’s not something your pup can do for himself.

Dr. Ernie's Top 10 Dog Dental Questions... and His Answers!

Dr. Ernie Ward answers ten compelling questions about canine dental care.

Dental Care and Your Dogs Teeth

If your dog had a toothache, would you know? If their gums were receding and painful, could you tell? Probably not.

Tips for Brushing a Dogs Teeth

Without brushing, plaque can build up, putting your dog at risk for bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. It can also cause painful infections. Severe infection can spread, causing life-threatening conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dog Teeth Cleaning

However, once an oral health problem is advanced, you may see certain symptoms, including: Red or bleeding gums. Blood on a chew toy. ... Nasal discharge and sneezing (advanced gum disease in the upper canine teeth can lead to bone loss between the nasal and oral cavity) Sep 27, 2012