Gold Membership

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How it works

The first step for dog owners, is to complete an application form to rehome their dog. (The form will be available soon)

A meet and greet will be requested, where the owners requirements are discussed.

A medical report from the dogs usual Veterinarian, is required to inform SDC of any medical conditions the dog may have. This will determine what specific care is required.

We choose one of our amazing Senior Dog Club Guardians, who will suit caring for your dog, and an introduction can be arranged.

Once the owner is happy to proceed, a suitable management process (based on circumstances) will be tailored and agreed on.

The monthly cost, is a total of the essential costs (according to size) plus add-ons, which are chosen and budgeted by the owner.
Plus 20% Admin fee and GST.

The total will be paid by the owner to Senior Dog Club, at the beginning of each month, unless another arrangement has been agreed.

Essential Costs

Parasite treatment

Small Dog $220 per month
Medium Dog $290 per month
Large Dog $340 per month

The owner gets to choose which add-ons, and allocate a budget that suits them.

Add-ons include
Treats, luxury bedding, balls, toys, collars, leads, massages, acupuncture, chiropractor, water walks, natural remedies, physio.

With regards to vet consults, treatments and medication. This is not included in the monthly cost.
Ideally a third party will be arranged by the owner, to pay all future veterinarian costs directly.

Please enquire to find out more.

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