Senior Dog Club Memberships

Our Senior Dog Club offers 3 Membership options. They represent 3 different food budgets per month, to suit all requirements.

Within each membership you can choose what add-ons you would like your dog to receive. Our add-on options range from toys to natural therapies, all suitable for senior dogs.

Every senior dog receives Gold Membership when it comes to welfare, care, love, safety, cuddles, walks, attention and pats.

Gold Membership

Gold Memberships are for those senior dogs who are used to having all the luxuries in life. Supreme quality food, toys, clothes, natural therapies, natural supplements, teeth cleaning, special bedding, high end treats, grooming etc.

From $220 per month....

Silver Membership

Silver memberships are for senior dogs who may spend a little less on food, high quality is still recommended and  desired.

Silver memberships will have a smaller budget around the add-ons.

From $175 per month....

Bronze Membership

Bronze memberships are for senior dogs who have usually had a supermarket food diet, as budgeting is essential.

Bronze memberships will have minimal add-ons.

From $145 per month....