Walking or talking your dog?

Please consider…the dog park is for walking your dog…..not talking your dog.
Everyday I walk my pack, I witness a very disappointing and dangerous situation, in the off leash social areas of local dog parks.
Dog owners walk their dog, from the carpark to the off leash social area, sit on a park bench, or pace endlessly along the fence line of the dog park….Talking on the phone!!! and rarely watching their dog!!!
I wont go into the obvious dangers of doing this, or the fact that the owners on the phone usually miss their dogs poop. It’s simply not fun for your dog to hang out with you talking on the phone.

Why do we get a dog?
Dog loving kids, dream that when they grow up they will have their own “Lassie”
Best of friends, throwing a stick, walks and talks on the beach, swimming in the sunset, companionship, connection and unconditional love!
The same scenario, is what dogs dream of having with their owners.

In this fast modern world , your dog is lucky to have an 1hr walk each day in nature.
As the human, we have full control as to what will happen on a walk. Dogs have no control, and a huge desire to investigate, socialise, play, roam, sniff, swim, learn, and bond with his/her owner through activities and adventures. Experiencing and creating amazing memories for both human and dog, is pure joy.

Owners must also remember their responsibility around The Five Freedoms,Freedom to express normal behavior by providing sufficient space, proper facilities, and company of the animal’s own kind. Animals need to be able to interact with — or avoid — others of their own kind as desired. They must be able to stretch every part of their body (from nose to tail), and run, jump, and play.”

Can I please invite you, to wholeheartedly commit an hour a day, where your attention and energy is completely focused on your dog? This is a guarantee that your dog will live their best life, your bond will be strong, and you will be happy!!

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  1. I would be great if in your educating of dog owners you made them aware of the Canine Good Citizen qualifications through Dogs New Zealand. These quals not only teaches behaviour in public but dog laws and care of the dog


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